Put Utah First

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I will put Utah first

Three simple steps:

  1. Join and Connnect
  2. Organize and Build
  3. Amplify Your Voice

Our Mission

Protect Our
Natural Rights

Rights are inalienable, which means "unable to be taken away from or given away". We must protect and exercise our natural rights as humans. Individual liberty is the highest moral good. The people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts.

Promote Independence and

Wise men have always taught the virtues of being self-reliant and being able to rely on oneself; these are sound principles. Likewise, there is virtue in having our respective communities being independent and self-reliant.

Reduce or Eliminate
Public Debt

All government spending is third-party spending. Due to the nature of this kind of spending, it is easily wasted. Citizens must demand fiscal responsibility to keep government from putting the public at risk of liability and taxes.

Voting Enforcment of
Term Limits

Term limits must be enforced by the public through education, support for new candidates, and sufficient voting turnout. The public needs to be watchful; so when it is time, we can quickly release the current servant with a vote of thanks.

Government and Politics

Throughout the ages, there have been forces pushing or pulling the political spectrum either towards anarchy or totalitarianism. Students of politics and civil philosophy have learned that freedom and prosperity exist somewhere between these two extremes. Some civil government is needed to protect individual rights and societal freedom; however governments can be corrupted becoming antithetical to the desired end. The people must keep government accountable to remove and prevent corruption.

Prioritizing Utah's Interests

People have an inate right to self-government. We create government and delegate to it the authority we deem necessary to keep us safe and allow us to pursue our own happiness. The several states created a national government to, among other things, provide for their common defense and secure liberty for the people in these states. Utah's representatives must be kept accountable to the state they represent. They must represent Utah in Washington, not the other way around.

Put Utah First

This Land Is Our Land